Dimecoin Documentation#

As an open-source project, Dimecoin is at the forefront of marrying innovation with accessibility, bringing the power of blockchain technology to the fingertips of millions around the globe.

The mission is to provide a fast, secure, and eco-friendly digital currency that anyone can use. This documentation will serve as a guide to help explain its features and provide insight on the technical aspects of Dimecoin.

Check out the official Dimecoin website to learn more about Dimecoin!

Dimecoin Core Docs

Learn what Dimecoin Core is and how it works. Topics include how to obtain and store Dimecoin, technical details, how-to stake dimecoin, masternode setup, and more.

Electrum-Dime Docs

Find technical details about Electrum-Dime. Electrum-Dime is a lightweight client used to transact on the Dimecoin blockchain.

ElectrumX-Dime Docs

Everything you need to know about ElectrumX-Dime Server.

Specification Disclaimer#

This documentation serves to educate users and developers about how Dimecoin works, but it is not intended as a specification. Dimecoin’s security hinges on consensus; deviations, regardless of their origin—be it a program bug, an error in this documentation, or anomalies in network software—can compromise or entirely undermine that security. The accurate measure of consensus behavior is the real-time operation of the network maintaining consensus. Given the network’s diverse inputs and environments, fully capturing every aspect of their behavior in any documentation is impossible.

Acknowledgments and Credits#

The Dimecoin project has built and improved upon the achievements and features of several cryptocurrencies. Building on a wealth of knowledge, innovation, and technology developed by the broader cryptocurrency community – we extend our deepest gratitude to the following projects and their contributors whose pioneering work has helped shape Dimecoin into what it is today:

Bitcoin: As the original cryptocurrency, Bitcoin’s foundational technology, concepts, and codebase have been instrumental in developing Dimecoin. We have adapted and built upon Bitcoin’s technology to meet our unique requirements and objectives, ensuring our network’s security, decentralization, and scalability.

Peercoin: Known for introducing Proof-of-Stake to the cryptocurrency world, Peercoin’s innovations have inspired aspects of Dimecoin’s consensus mechanisms. We appreciate Peercoin’s contributions to making blockchain technology more energy-efficient and sustainable.

Dash: Dash’s focus on privacy, speed, and governance has influenced several features within Dimecoin. In particular, Dash’s implementation of masternodes and governance protocols has guided our approach to achieving a more secure, efficient, and useful digital currency.

Namecoin: As the first fork of Bitcoin, Namecoin introduced key innovations in blockchain technology that extend beyond being a digital currency. We commend Namecoin for its pioneering work in using blockchain for domain name registration and other non-financial applications, which has opened our eyes to the broader potential of blockchain technology.

Feathercoin: With its innovative advancements in blockchain security protocols and community engagement, Feathercoin has demonstrated the importance of adaptability and resilience in the cryptocurrency space. We appreciate the efforts made by Feathercoin to promote a more secure digital ecosystem.

In addition to the project above’s contribution to our codebase, we also recognize the wealth of information and documentation provided by the Bitcoin and Dash communities. Their resources have been invaluable in our research, development, and education efforts, enabling us to better understand blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

As we continue developing Dimecoin and contributing to the cryptocurrency landscape, we remain committed to open-source development, collaboration, and innovation principles. We look forward to continuing to build upon the work of our peers and sharing our own contributions with the community.

Thank you to all the developers, researchers, and enthusiasts who have helped pave the way for projects like ours. Your hard work and dedication continue to inspire and drive the advancement of blockchain technology.